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I’m very excited to announced that moi, your Ambassador of Dark & Paranormal Tourism, Courtney Mroch, has been invited to appear on The Haunted Chronicles Friday May 12 at 8 pm Eastern / 7 pm Central/ 5 pm Pacific / 1 am GMT on ParaMania Radio.

So now I’m inviting anyone who reads this to come listen!

It’s going to be a great show. The Haunted Chronicles is one of ParaMania Radio’s longest running  (if not the longest?) and most popular programs. Jimmy, a.k.a. Mr. Haunted, is a hell of a host with a very dedicated following.

Here’s why:

About Mr. Jimmy Haunted

Mr. Haunted has been investigating since before investigating was made cool and popular by TV shows. Some might even say he was trained in paranormal investigations by the best of the best.

His website, Mr. Haunted: The Website of Jimmy Haunted, details how his venture into the paranormal began. Here’s a snippet from his site of the interesting (after)life he’s led:

One of the first books I remember owning was called Ghosts by Daniel Cohen. There was a picture in this book that I thought was the most amazing picture I had ever seen, The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall. This is the famous picture taken in 1936 for LIFE magazine that depicts a woman descending a staircase even though the photographer swore there was no one there when he took the picture.

They called this a psychic photograph and I knew one day I wanted to grow up to be not a fireman or a doctor, but yes, a psychic photographer…

In the early 90’s, I was taking pictures in Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut. I was under the assumption that this place was so haunted that “The White Lady” would just simply appear and you could take a picture of her. After an hour or so of waiting I decided to just take my roll of film and keep the pictures as a souvenir. I thought this would be the end of my “ghost hunting” career. But when I got my pictures developed almost half had “ghostly” images on them. So I kept going and I took so many that I threw away dozens that weren’t dramatic enough and if I got any “orbs” I would throw them out too. I met someone there(Debbie Elward)that was also getting psychic or spirit photos. She told me that the Warren’s would love to see these pictures. I knew of Ed and Lorraine Warren from a lecture they did at SCSU. She told me that they teach classes and invited me to go the next week.

I became a member of The New England Society for Psychic Research. Ed and Lorraine Warren, along with Tony Spera conducted classes and instruction on investigation techniques, paranormal terms, their own experiences. We also had some great guest speakers such as Fr Malachi Martin. I eventually I was sent out to investigate alleged haunted houses and interview the people involved while gathering evidence with video, audio, and photos and then report back to them as to what we had discovered.

Eventually, a few of us decided to venture out on our own (hey, I was young ;-0) and formed a group called the Hartford Office of Paranormal Exploration. It was with this group that a producer from ABC came across our website and wanted to do a story on us for PrimeTime Live. They were interested in the exorcisms that we had helped with. To make a long story short, after the PrimetimeLive special “The Devil Within” aired we had hundreds of calls from all over the country from people in need of help.

You’ll also find some of his psychic photographs on his site, along with info about exorcisms and some of his cases.

About The Haunted Chronicles

The Haunted Chronicles made its debut on Friday, December 13, 2013. This program will focus on haunted houses, haunted places and haunted people. Mr. Haunted (Jimmy Petonito on FB) has investigated 100s of haunted homes and places and has over 25 years of experiences to share. Join hosts Mr.Haunted, Jennifer Runyon and Brock Burroughs every week for something different as we cover subjects like Hauntings, Exorcism, Urban Legends, strange phenomena, Ghost Story Call-in shows, guest interviews, paranormal news and more. The Haunted Chronicles airs 8pm EST. Please visit www.MrHaunted.com for more info.

The Haunted Chronicles ParaMania Radio page: http://paramaniaradio.com/SHOW.php?showid=66. This is where you’ll find upcoming show info as well as archives of past shows.

(So, yes, just like HJ’s show, if you can’t make Friday’s show for some reason, you can always listen from ParaMania Radio’s handy On Demand section top.)

Come Listen! If you dare…

Skellie will be there too. He’ll have cookies! (Not sure he’ll share them, but he will have some!)

So come on. Join us!



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