Unexplained Lights in the Nevada Desert (3/22/18)

I think this is my first Reddit post so forgive me for being long-winded or my writing errors. I just need to get this out.

Ok so, I am an alien geek… I like the idea of aliens and I think it’s cool to think of how big the universe is and all that. However, I am pretty skeptical that there are beings visiting us just to mess with our crops, mutilate some cattle, probe us and peace out. I know there are other reasons and theories behind visitations but dang, why don’t we have more “concrete” evidence?

All that being said, I remain an alien geek enough that I took a two hour detour while driving my family from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City to drive by Rachel, NV and see Area 51. We wanted to get some souvenirs at the Little A’Le’Inn and head on our way.

We were running late so by the time we got back on Highway 93 to head up into Utah it was probably 10PM and super dark outside but the stars were bright because there is NOTHING out there. We were probably 60 miles from the last car we had seen in Rachel and that is when we saw something.

The whole encounter took probably a minute and a half. First I saw a horizontal arc or semicircle of about 12 lights that flashed on and were brighter than anything else in the sky. When I saw them, I just yelled to my wife, “What am I looking at?!” She just gasped and questioned further. The semicircle sequentially blinked off after a few seconds and we were left questioning. It was below the scattered clouds, and I started guessing at what it could have been, maybe airplane flares? but they did not seem to be moving.

Of course being the hopeful skeptic that I am, my eyes are glued to the sky. About 20 seconds later I see something darkening the clouds in front of us, like I could see it swoop in front of the stars. That is when the same brightness dozen or so lights turned on in a clear triangle shape and a few seconds later another grouping of lights blinked on next to the triangle creating a diamond. The diamond shape was not connected to the triangle and it seemed to be static since it was shining through a light cloud. Mind you these seconds lights were clearly surrounded by a cloud but they were not dimmed at all by the cloud. Both shapes were perfectly symmetrical and seemingly facing us… the only people within 50 miles.

These lights tracked with us for about 15 seconds and I yell to my wife to grab the phone for a camera. Almost the instant she brings up her camera the lights go out. We see another flash far above the clouds a few seconds later but they are gone.

My question is, what on earth did I see in the middle of the Nevada desert two days ago?!?!?! Dozens of high altitude (well above cloud level) drones? Is that a thing? What kind of aircraft makes geometric shapes and INTENSELY bright light formations? Government testing of aircraft in the middle of the night just to mess with travelers? If it was a single aircraft, it was MASSIVE since it was mingled with the clouds when it made the diamond formation.

Thanks for reading. I just had to write this all down because my wife is getting tired of me geeking out about this for the past 48 hours.

TLDR: I saw something strange in the Nevada desert. Please give me ideas as to what it could be.

Also keep the alien and paranormal stuff coming, I love these Subs.

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