Weird Car Phenomenon?

About four years ago I bought a tiny shovel charm from an “upcycling” store (essentially a crafting thrift store) and hung it from my rear view mirror with a piece of string. Ever since, every once in a while (maybe once every two months?) when I come out to my car, the charm’s string will be draped up over the top of the mirror, as if someone manually lifted and manuvered the charm up behind and over it. Always dangling perfectly in the middle.

Let me give some context. The doors to my car are almost always locked when I’m away from the car, and I am the only one who has a key. Additionally, it truly is physically impossible for a charm with some weight, hung from this length of string, to just end upperfectly hung up over the top of the mirror like this. If hit or jostled, the charm will swing but ultimately hit the windshield or just fall straight down again. It’s my rear-view mirror, it’s always in my line of sight. I would see if it got swung around like crazy.

I always turn around and deal with my many bags (lol) on my driver’s seat before I close my door and walk away. I really feel like I would see if the charm were out of place, especially because it’s always the first thing to catch my eye when I return to the car and it’s moved.

In addition to my first car, I have had two others total. This has happened in all 3, so it does not appear to be related to the vehicle. I also retired the shovel charm this winter, replacing it with a charm made by a friend that I thought would offer better vibes or whatever. It has now happneed with the new charm as well (a small quartz crystal pendant). So it doesn’t appear to be related to the charm either!

I’m trying to find any advice on what could explain this or how to deal. I have, in the past, playfully addressed (out loud) my “car ghost”. The last time I did was after a friend asked me about my new crystal charm and I told the whole story. That was six days ago, three days before this phenomenon occured fir the first time in this car/with this charm. When I found it like that yesterday, I immediately started crying, left the light in my car on/the door open, and ran back into my friend’s house to tell her. I’m spooked, this has been happening for some time. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!!

Edit: Here’s a picture of how I find the charm. Always exactly like this! It’s supposed to just hang straight down from the mirror.

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