Weird scratching noise…

My best friend recently moved out of state and it wasn’t until last week, about three weeks after she had moved into her new home, that I was able to visit her. I’m telling this story with her permission, as most of the weirdness happened to her and not me.

I was super excited to finally see her. She had given me a tour of the house, which ended in her room. The layout of her bedroom placed her bed extremely close to the door. You could lean off of it and actually open it if you wanted. It was just getting dark outside and we were both sitting on her bed catching up. I was sitting closest to the door, my back rested on the wall.

She suddenly remembered something she wanted to tell me, as she stared at the door. She started explaining that, probably soon, there would be a scratching sound that would come from the bottom corner of the door. She said that for the past few weeks, since day one of moving into the home, every night there would be a scratching sound that came from the other side of the door. She explained that she thought it was a spirit of a dog and would open the door to “let it in” and then the scratching would stop.

I felt really weird about this. Especially sitting so close to the door. A couple hours passed and I tried to forget the weird story she told me. But, then all of a sudden there came a light scratching sound from the bottom of the door. It started off light and then got louder and louder. She went to get up, but I got nervous and talked her out of opening the door. I explained to her that she didn’t know what she could be letting in every night and it didn’t seem safe. Finally the scratching stopped.

This is when the doorknob began to jiggle. My friend’s face grew pale. A dog couldn’t jiggle a doorknob like that. Eventually the sound stopped and we didn’t talk about it the rest of the night.
Could this be from something that’s not supernatural? Like a squirrel or something weird? I really would like to tell her something non-paranormal to make her feel better living in this new home. Any thoughts?

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