What are your experiences with shadow people?

A friend of mine was staying over his girlfriend’s house and since they had just started dating, the girl’s father had him sleep downstairs on the couch.

It was during the summer and there was a bad lightning storm, and suddenly the front screen door blew open from the storm and started banging against the house.

It woke my friend up and he looked over to see shadowy outlines of his gf’s dad and her little brother. No faces or features, just their bodies in black. The figure of the gf’s dad was sitting in his usual arm chair and the little brother was just standing in the living room, staring at him. My friend asked, “What are you guys doing??” and quickly got up to go shut the screen door. As soon as he did, the gf’s dad and little brother came running down the stairs, wondering what’s going on. Baffled, my friend turned around to look back into the living room but no one was there. He asked them, “Weren’t you guys just here in the living room with me?!” and they answered no and obviously they were just upstairs and the slamming door woke them up.

My friend struggled to go back to sleep that night and told us of his other multiple experiences in that house. I’ve had some with him, and they will be shared in future postings. I didn’t believe him at first, but because of what has gone on in that house, it is entirely possible. Has anyone had a similar experience to this or seen shadow figures?

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