What did I see?

I’m new here so bare with me. I’ve seen comments on other posts that make me believe maybe someone knows what I saw. When I was about 8 or 9 my dad and I went bike riding on a walking trail that goes through Topeka KS. There are no forests around but there are some parts of the trail that have quite a few trees. For the most part though it runs along backyards and more suburban areas. We had been riding for about a mile when we saw a creature roll out of some bushes about 20 feet ahead of us. It was about the size of a Labrador but looked very catlike and quite round, almost fat. It was also a bright fluorescent glowing orange? I never got a good look at its face, which I can’t even begin to describe. The best way I know how to accurately describe it is that it was a big Garfield look alike with a longer nose and teeth. (As dumb as that sounds) We had both slammed on our brakes and just stared at it. It darted back into the bushes and my dad went after it too see what the heck it was but it was gone. I think the strangest thing about this was that it was too big to be a cat and the color was so unnatural. I’ve had friends and family say it was a weird dog or a mountain lion but I know what those things look like as, does my dad. Neither of us can explain this thing nor have we seen anything like it again. I don’t know maybe it’s a long shot but if you have any ideas on what this was please let me know.

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Looking for a website thats a database of all paranormal creatures.

Overnight Paranormal Investigations