What do some people have many paranormal experiences, and other people don’t have any?

I’ve had many paranormal experiences in my life. I am 57. I’ve had unseen spirits save my life on three occasions, physically. I’ve heard a disincarnate voice at least four times. A voice spoke through me, using my body, at least twice. Seen ghosts, everything from shadow beings to full-body apparitions, which either disappeared in front of my eyes, or “vanished” when I looked away, without giving them time to run far enough to get out of my sight. I’ve posted some of my more notable experiences here on Paranormal over the last few years, under a few names. I’ve also posted a few amazing coincidences I’ve had which seemed to be impossible.

Some claim I am “lying” about most or all of these events. The truth is, I am NOT lying. I wrote exactly what I saw and heard and experienced, without exaggeration.

Other claim I have had a lot of “hallucinations” do to some mental illness. Okay. I do actually have a sleep disorder. Ever watch the film “The Machinist” staring the guy who later played Moses? Forget his name. Award winning actor. Anything, the film was about a man who never slept for a year, and he had a hallucination that another fellow at his machine shop was trying to kill him. In the end, the other fellow existed, but was a security guard, who was not trying to kill him. I have a similar sleep disorder. Whenever I am under a LOT of stress, I can’t sleep. Enough stress, and I can’t sleep for days or weeks. Sometimes months. Is this when I had my “experiences”? Well, most of my experiences seemed to be when I was sleeping normally. And, yes, I can say I had experiences a few times when I’d been up for a few weeks.

But, again, what is a “hallucination”? Most will say “Something you just imagined”. Something that is created in your brain, and does not exist outside of your own brain. Well, okay, maybe. However, the ancient shamans and mystics believed that these were “visions” and you were seeing into another world or dimension; a world just as “real” as this one, but one that can only be seen in visions.

Now, I remember once I was riding a 10-speed on a busy avenue, and hit a chunk of concrete in the road. I went over the handle-bars, and down; twisted myself up in the bike. I felt something “lift” me up from behind, and drag me back about three to four feet. That was after I hit the ground. Just then, a car ran over the end of the wheel of my ten-speed. Had I not been dragged back, it probably would have hit me. I looked back, and there was nobody there. No pedestrians around anywhere. The movement was definitely UP and BACK in a dragging motion. It was not me continuing to roll or slide after I hit the ground. I was stationary on the ground, not moving, before I felt being picked UP and dragged BACK. Now, was this a hallucination? Did I pick myself up and drag myself back? Well, my legs were twisted up in the bike, and that is NOT what I clearly remember happening. I clearly remember being picked up about a foot, and dragged back about 3 or 4 feet, then being let down. Let down, not dropped. I looked around, and not a soul was around. This was maybe 5pm in the Summer, and the Sun was shinning.

If all my experiences were hallucinations, they appeared to be completely 100% real, as real as me typing this article on Reddit r/paranormal at this moment. Perhaps I am not typing anything. Perhaps this too, is an hallucination.

Now, as to the question “why” do some people have many paranormal experiences, and others do not have any. I do not know the answer to that. A lot of celebrities have seen ghosts, more than the general public. Some people are “Right Brained” and others “Left Brained”. Right Brained people (engineers, etc.) never seem to have paranormal experiences. “Left Brained” people seem to have them.

People who have “died” and been brought back, seem to have a lot of paranormal experiences. People who have Rh Negative blood seem to have a lot of them. I had an NDE at age 11, and I have Rh Negative blood. Perhaps those are reasons.

I once stared at downtown Los Angeles for hours, and meditated, and thought of a Atomic Bomb going off over downtown Los Angeles, and I would say over and over again: “Explode, explode, explode” and then I saw a bright yellow “FLASH” and a musroom cloud just like the one that hit Nagasaki. That was in 1976. Was that a “hallucination”? Now, right after I said “explode” about the 100th time (I’m guessing), a large oil derrick between my home and downtown Los angeles (20 miles due East from where I was sitting) exploded, into a massive mushroom cloud. So, the explosion and mushroom cloud were REAL: not hallucinations.

In 1981 I was reading a newspaper, and old copy, and I saw the face of a man, and a voice said: “He is an Atheist and a murderer!” I was startled. The man was selling an old document to the leaders of the Mormon Church. Well, I started a writing campaign to Mormon leaders saying: “This man is a liar. He is forging the documents. He will shed innocent blood. Be wary of him!” Well, of course, I was called a “nut job” and I was told many times “get professional help”.

Years later, in 1986, this man confessed to forging hundreds of documents, ripping off hundreds of people, for over 1 million dollars. When another man suspected him, he murdered that man with a pipe bomb, and then murdered a woman simply to push police into a wrong direction away from him. But, however, he dropped a third bomb on himself, survived it, and later confessed to many forgeries and double homicide. Did any of the people who said I was a “nut” or “seeing things” or “needed to get professional help” apologize to me? No. Not one. They just hung up the phone on me.

Again, was the voice that told me he was a atheist and murderer, simply my own “brain”? Was it simply an “hallucination”? Well, if it was simply my own “brain”, my own brain got it right, five years before he confessed.

On another occasion, I knew a teacher who spoke about his three sons all the time, their accomplishments, etc. I walked him out to his car. While he was sitting in his car, as I was about the close his driver door for him, I said: “YOU SHALL BE TRIED LIKE JOB!!” I felt ashamed. I did not intent to say that. I intended to say: “I’ll see you next time”. But that’s not what came out of my mouth.

Anyway, 20 years later, all three of his sons were dead: two by car accidents, one by disease. I told his secretary “He’s had it rough!” and she said: “He’s been tried like Job!”

Note: for those of you who don’t know, Job is a character in the Old Testament, who had 10 sons, 10 daughters, lots of camels and servants, but Satan asked Yehweh permission to “try” him and Yahweh said “Do it” and Satan caused winds to come up that killed all his children, and camels, and destroyed everything he had and loved, but Job refused to blame God, but praised the name of Yahweh, so Yahweh rewarded him with 10 more sons and 10 more daughters, and greater riches than he had before.

I’ve had a lot of truly bazaar experiences, some of which I will NEVER share on Reddit, because nobody would believe them. Yet, I had them.

I was at a barn dance in Salt Lake City, Utah, two months after my grandmother passed away, in Tacoma, Washington, at the age of 96. She was like a second mother to me. My brother and I were raised by two mothers: our mother and grandmother. At the barn dance, she appeared to me, full-body apparition. Was that an hallucination? Maybe, but THAT is what I saw!

Since the age 11, I have had a “clear thought” that I knew Jesus when He was alive, and that He was reincarnated somewhere on Earth, and I was supposed to find Him. At age 16, I had an overwhelming “URGE” to go to the Los angeles zoo. I took three buses, and got there. I went over to a group of men speaking Arabic or Hebrew (I couldn’t tell which), and met eyes with a stalky bald man. He pointed directly at me, and YELLED to the others with him in Arabic, while pointing directly at me. This scared me, so I quickly left, and went back home. I had no idea who that bald man was. In 2005, at the age of 44, I discovered, in a book, that that bald man was a miracle-working Prophet from Lebanon, who was visiting Los Angeles that day. His followers believed He was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. So, how can I “hallucinate” a man whom I did not existed, until decade after I “hallucinated” him? And, factually speaking, it is documented that He did indeed go to the Los Angeles Zoo, on that day. I did not know who this man was until I was 44 years of age, yet I “saw” him when I was 16, at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Many more bazaar happenings. I’m not the only one. There are many people who have had a LOT of supernatural experiences in their life. They exist. They are just not “common”. Only about 4 per cent of the population are Rh Negative. Perhaps that is the reason. Perhaps it was my NDE at age 11. Perhaps I really did know Jesus when He was alive, and was supposed to find Him in this life.

If you are one of those whose have never seen a ghost, never had a prophetic dream, never any supernatural experiences, and you feel cheated, or you feel YOU are “normal” and the rest of us here are “abnormal” and “Mentally ill”. Then, well, if that makes you feel better, then feel it. Believe it. But I KNOW what I saw! And whether that was simply an “hallucination” or not…I SAW IT~! 100% of what I have written on Paranormal I really and truly saw and heard. Without exaggeration. Without exception. You can either conclude:
a) I’m a psychic/clairvoyent
b) I’m mentally ill and so delusional that I can’t trust even my memory.
But one this is FOR SURE….NEVER have I lied or exaggerated about any of my experiences of anything I’ve written here on Paranormal. Not even one time. Not even a “little”. The MOST bazaar things, I won’t even share here.

I encourage everyone to watch a six minute video, about the paranomal experience of Telley Savalas: the Greek-American actor who played “Kojak” in the 1970s. He gave his “testimony” of what happened, a few years before his death. He was mega-rich at the time, and super-famous. He had no reason to lie about it. It’s on YouTube, and it is free. Only lasts six minutes. Then ask yourself: “Did an hallucination drive Savalas to a gas station, and then back to his car?”

Everything you read from “Denver Snuffer” (NOT my real name) you can trust is what I truly saw and heard and experienced. I can’t tell you they were “real” but they seemed as “real” as daily reality, to me. Thank you.

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