what happened in my photos?

ton of friends and i went to the fair last month. i didn’t really go on any rides, was just there to take some pics and have fun and hold their bags, etc. i developed my rolls and scanned them myself, and upon looking at them i stumbled across these two lmao. things to keep in mind:

– these are on 35mm film, if it helps

– everyone got in line and went on this ride ONCE, didn’t go on again at all that night

– my best friend (the girl) is wearing a baseball cap, light blue tank top. our friend next to her (a boy) is wearing a dark blue t shirt and sunglasses.

– they only went on once. in one pic she is on his right. in the next pic (it is of the same people, i guarantee) she is on his left.

– the word “twister” on the ride car seat thing reads the right way in both pics, theyre not mirrored.


i included the originals (the really dark ones) and then ones where i boosted the exposure to see better.

whatthe damn fuck is this lmao friends and i are kinda spooked am i missing something obvious how did this what

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