wtf is happening

I post a lot of stuff about my house, the majority of posts being about this one room. I posted about it yesterday with some photos but today there was some weird stuff going on. I have a radio in there, it is digital, I have no clue what model it is but its only a year old and has never had an issue. It is on nearly every day, and today was no exception. I was sitting in the room with my dogs and they started getting jumpy but oh well. Next minute the radio starts making all these weird noises jumping between the current song. This song lasted what felt like 10 minutes. Each time the radio made the noise my dogs would start bashing their paws around. You can hear this in the video and its really annoying and my filming is really bad because I kept trying to shut them up. Also I tell them to stfu so just a warning? If anyone has advice please help. I’ve tried clearing the air many times, sending whatever it is on its way but nothing works.
Here is the video, it goes on for a while so I’m sorry about the length+my swearing:

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